About Us

Kuivr / 'kwi-vər' / noun/ adding style to your life.

A lone man with a bow and quiver full of arrows carried with him all the tools for conquest or survival, and its use persists today.  As one of the oldest male accessories revolutionizing lives as its use spread across the world, we chose this name for our company.  Based in Miami, Florida, the founders launched Kuivr in 2013, with a talented team dedicated to thoughtful design innovation with a focus on producing high quality, functional, durable, stylish and beautiful accessories that compliment a life of travel and exploration.

Our first focus was the one thing men carry wherever they go, the wallet. The SQR Collection is the first in our series of innovative designs that we feel maintains a sense of style without sacrificing function or durability. We recognized that almost all of the wallets in the market followed the boring, bulky yet traditional bi-fold or tri-fold concept, and for the few that dared to be different i.e. many marketed as "thinner," they lost some of their beauty and durability.  We designed The SQR Collection to not only regain what was lost but to improve on it as well.

We are currently working on several uniquely amazing designs that we are excited to introduce, and hope that you will join us on our journey as we grow.